Allergy detection

The Diagala project is a collaborative project between Innopsys, the LAAS-CNRS, LISBP and the Faculty of Pharmacy at Toulouse University. This collaboration brings all the skills, knowledge, infrastructure and equipment required to the complete development of an efficient and competitive technology for diagnosis.
The objective of the project is to develop a low-cost diagnosis tool to detect the allergens responsible of food allergy events. The technology involves for spotting foods extracts on a glass slide, then a small amount of serum sample is dropped on this spotted glass slide. The interaction between the IgE's present in the serum sample and their corresponding food allergen is then revealed by a labeled anti IgE antibody by using a microarray scanner.

This technology will be able to determine blood seropositivity to a large panel of aliments. In our case, seropositivity means the presence of an IgE antibody against foods epitopes. Currently, there is currently there is not a wide spectrumassay specialized on food allergy in the market. The targeted market is that of those the patients for which the usual diagnostics techniques are not efficient enough or cannot be done (like babies or people with a skin disease).